Koreans Get Hardcore Photoshopped by a Professional

Koreans Get Hardcore Photoshopped by a Professional

태그 : 이국주
영상 시간 : 7:33
평점 : 4.94

좋아요 : 15512 , 안좋아요 : 191

출처 : Solfa

“That’s not me anymore…” -Professional Retoucher e-mail:sequoiar@gmail.com Subscribe: facebook …

업데이트 날짜 : 2017-08-03 14:23:10
“That’s not me anymore…” -Professional Retoucher e-mail:sequoiar@gmail.com Subscribe: facebook …


  1. "How much money do I need to pour into plastic surgery to look like this"?
    "You don't have to"
    Isn't that cute!? Am I right?

  2. Plot twist: this is all supposed to make you appreciate the way you normally look.

  3. It's crazy how getting Photoshopped is like a fun thing to have done there, but in the US, it's like "oh wow, this is terrible! I don't even look like that!"

  4. Who else is going through a Solda binge watch since they just found out about this channel

  5. Photoshop must be the best selling software in South Korea since plastic surgery is best selling medical stuff out there.

  6. Welcome to … "The Celebrity Touch!"

  7. SENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Charm Replays 〉NA/KR Pros + Bronze V LOLReplays〈

    0:55 she lost a lot a weight recently o.o gj!

  9. omg just now fast does his hand move.
    If i have that speed, i could finish my photoshop assignment in no time.

  10. 홍대 사진관 아저씨

    Is that photoshop guy's e-mail?

  11. 포토샵에 힘은 대단합니다..

  12. I think they are pretty both in rl and photoshopped. But I prefer rl lol

  13. yells "I'm invincible!" while fast photoshop editing

  14. DUDE!!! THAT PHOTOSHOP GUY!!! WTF!?!? holy shit!!! does he have a youtube channel?? does he makes live streams?¡? I BET he plays stacraft. i mean… that dem apm boiiiiii!! no but seriously i would totally watch a design live stream from that guy. holy shit!!!

  15. 3:23 "Make me into an idol!" yo same 😂

  16. Dimples is justice

  17. The fact the girl in the white shirt thinks she has a lot of flaws and thinks she needs plastic surgery to correct them is just plain sad. South Korea is so obsessed with being perfect, thus creating an unhealthy environment for the youth growing up there; always having to look perfect and never embrace their imperfections. FYI there is no such thing as being perfect. #foodforthethought #havebettermorals #societyneedstotakeaseat

  18. "IS THIS DARWINISM AT IT FINEST" 😂 i just died

  19. I bet this guy is pretty good at Starcraft.

  20. That guy looked like Gong yoo after the photoshop somehow!

  21. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ나긴난데 좀 더 생기있는 나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개공감

  22. they look so much cuter before though

  23. The unconfident cute guy needs to know that he looks great as he is.

  24. Se-eun very wise… and the further we got from her it was someone we didn't know. We've gotten to know you and identify YOU by your real face. So we associate your real face with the real you. Listen to Billy Joel's song Just the Way You Are… Don't go changing
    …Also BTW for everyone over time gravity pulls at our face and changes shapes but you can do facial muscle exercises and restore a lot of tone naturally… YouTube search face yoga method it works

  25. buzzfeed is quaking

  26. It's the "you're giving me laifu" girl!!! She's my favorite I just wanna be friends with her

  27. Actual face = best face.

  28. Koreans try pinoy food??

  29. They should react to "Goblin" kdrama lol

  30. They all look the same

  31. 꽃무늬 옷 입으신 분 너무 매력있어요 ㅠㅠㅜㅜ 저 분 나오는 영상은 하나도 빠짐없이 (((여러번)))다 봤습니다 😊😊😊 나오실때마다 더 매력이 넘치시는 것 같아요

  32. Wtf happened to the girls ear at 4.57 it was huge then shrunk!

  33. 댓글이 다 외국어라서 놀라신분 손🙌

  34. 한국인 나밖에 없는건가

  35. Aw, the photoshopper looks so shy!

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